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A photograph of Dorian Graves in an autumnal forest.

Dorian Graves – Author

Dorian is the author of the urban fantasy novel Bones and Bourbon, first book in the “Deadly Drinks” series. Are you looking for a novel with body-hopping necromancers, gay relationships and transgender protagonists, otherworldly realms, families of supernatural beings, and the occasional carnivorous unicorn? You’ve found the right book!

Dorian Graves has also written a number of short stories, including “A Taste of Empty” and “The Ragabash Foxtrot,” the two parts of Dorian’s senior thesis, which earned Dorian a BA in English (Creative Writing emphasis) from Mills College in 2014. When not writing and calculating the perfect humor/horror ration in any given story, Dorian can be found exploring the Pacific Northwest, devising increasingly ridiculous tabletop RPG campaigns, and listening to more Blue Oyster Cult than is probably wise.

Online, Dorian can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and on Patreon with exclusive short stories and behind the scenes content. You may be able to catch Dorian at various fantasy/scifi conventions on the West Coast.

Liebster Award Image

Nominated in 2018