About the Author

A photograph of Dorian Graves in an autumnal forest.
Dorian Graves – Author

Dorian Graves is an author of all things weird and queer, including the urban fantasy Deadly Drinks series and space fantasy novella Warp Gate Concerto and a number of short stories. Dorian is nonbinary and uses They/Them pronouns.

Dorian grew up in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, where they currently live with their wife and cat. Dorian is an alumnae of Mills College, class of ’14. When not writing, Dorian can be found working on concept art, playing a variety of tabletop/board/video games, or wandering the wilderness and staring at birds.

Online, Dorian can be found onĀ Twitter and Facebook. You may also be able to catch Dorian at various fantasy/scifi conventions on the West Coast.