Short Stories

Name: A Taste of Empty
Published In: Mad Scientist Journal’s 2015 Winter Quarterly. Podcast edition recorded by the cast of Sage & Savant, October 2017.
About: Jonah Greenwich made a mistake when he offered to help nurse his girlfriend’s son. Because the boy isn’t sick; he’s going through a metamorphosis. Now a storm is keeping Jonah from escaping, and something’s wrong with the entire family…
Name: The Ragabash Foxtrot
About: Raguel “The Rag” Jones has been hired to track down a missing fiancé. Seems she’s crossed the path of some legendary fox tricksters…or is she the trickster working The Rag and his client? Time for The Rag to figure out who’s playing who, what tale the tricky foxes are trotting to, and what the number of that cute waitress in the corner is.
Name: Hell is for Children
About: It’s time for the First Contract, when demon children quest for their first human soul. Lorixanel’s determined to pass and become a Demon Lord, but she’s been paired with a most formidable foe: little Betty Cooper, waiting for her soldier father to come home to suburbia.
Name: Tipping the Scales
About: Ms. Cleese knows better than to mess with a dragon; she works for the arrogant “Boss”, after all. But a metal mockery has entered Boss’s territory and started attacking the paranormal creeps that Boss loves to hate. It’s time for Boss to show who’s the true dragon around—and for Ms. Cleese to make sure the city stays intact in the process.
About: Those who walk the path of the Orpheus Well are allowed to return someone from the dead. Catherine was the first to report on it and its mysterious owner, Mr. Morgenstern, when they arrived in her town. What follows is her tale of a town losing the border between life and death, mysterious disappearances, and the increasingly perilous journeys to the Orpheus Well. But what is the true cost of bringing others back from the dead?