The Deadly Drinks Series

The Deadly Drinks series is a weird, queer Urban Fantasy series. Full of strange creatures, interwoven plotlines, and a cast of complex characters trying to survive whatever the world throws at them, it’s a wild romp of an adventure. Read on to learn more about the books in the series!

Front cover for Bones and Bourbon

Retz Gallows has been possessed by an ancient, evil spirit only known as Nalem, since he was a child. On the plus side, this gives him the cool power to control bones, and being half-huldra means he also doesn’t have any pesky organs to deal with. Unfortunately, Nalem likes to take their shared body on joyrides to further his own nefarious plans…

Jarrod Gallows has been searching for a way to save his younger brother for years, but now he’s a paranormal bounty hunter who’s fighting a curse as well as his own inhuman instincts. Now he’s just trying to stay alive, all while keeping his daredevil boyfriend Farris O’Reilly out of trouble.

After ten years apart, the Deadly Drinks series chronicles the adventures of the Gallows Brothers as they reunite and tackle bizarre cases across the Pacific Northwest. Originally released with NineStar press, Bones and Bourbon is now available in self-published format in both ebook and print.

To sum it all up:

You can add it on Goodreads, or purchase it anywhere books are sold, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and more. As the book is print-on-demand from IngramSpark, you can also request it at your local bookstore and library, or order it from an independent bookstore on Bookshop.


Ready for the sequel?

Front cover for Corpses and Cognac

An ancient leviathan lies buried under the town of Arcata, California—which isn’t a problem until its head goes missing and its ghost threatens to destroy the entire town. Sounds like a typical case for possessed hairdresser Retz and cursed bounty hunter Jarrod, the half-huldra Gallows brothers. But the case soon turns complicated with a string of disappearances, a madcap carnival promising eternal bliss, and a motorcycle gang of minotaurs plotting against mysterious strangers that are neither human nor monster.

Lucky for the Gallows brothers, they have staunch allies…or at least they have Nalem, the necromancer ghost who “borrows” Retz’s body, and Farris, Jarrod’s daredevil boyfriend coming to grips with his new un-life as a Faerie. Everyone else they thought of as friends show a different face in the funhouse mirrors, and old foes beg to be saved from “The Happiest Place Out of This World”.

This case will shake Retz and Jarrod to their cores, forcing them to question everything they know about themselves and their loved ones. It’ll be a struggle to save the day with their bodies and minds intact…which means it’s the perfect time for a drink. Sit back and raise a glass—the Gallows brothers ride again!

You can check out this newest adventure at your favorite online retailers, or order it at your favorite library and bookstore! You can also find it over on Goodreads.

Cover art for both novels was done by M. Brackett, and professional edits were done by Bill Tracy.