The Deadly Drinks Series

Retz Gallows has been possessed by an ancient, evil spirit only known as Nalem, since he was a child. On the plus side, this gives him the cool power to control bones, and being half-huldra means he also doesn’t have any pesky organs to deal with. Unfortunately, Nalem likes to take their shared body on joyrides to further his own nefarious plans…

Jarrod Gallows has been searching for a way to save his younger brother for years, but now he’s a paranormal bounty hunter who’s fighting a curse as well as his own inhuman instincts. Now he’s just trying to stay alive, all while keeping his daredevil boyfriend Farris O’Reilly out of trouble.

After ten years apart, the Deadly Drinks series chronicles the adventures of the Gallows Brothers as they reunite and tackle bizarre cases across the Pacific Northwest. Originally released with NineStar press, Bones and Bourbon is now pending a self-published re-release, with sequel Corpses and Cognac on its heels. Keep your eyes peeled!

To sum it all up: