OryCon and Other Updates

Greetings, dear readers. It’s been some time since my last update, but things have been quiet over in Graves land. I’ve been hard at work on projects old and new (more on that below), but today, I have some news for you!

Next week, I will be at OryCon in Portland, November 8th through 10th! I’m joining fellow authors J.S. Fields and Ziggy Schutz at the Queer Science Fiction table, and perhaps you can find me in the audience of a few panels after the dealer’s room closes.

For this con, I’ll only have Bones and Bourbon on hand, as well as some bookmarks for Warp Gate Concerto (which is too small for a print release on its own). “Corpses and Cognac” won’t be through with edits in time for this convention, but should all go well (aka as long as the book doesn’t require *another* full rewrite), it should be ready for any convention I stumble into next year. And believe me, there are plans for conventions next year.

In the meantime, I’m juggling two primary writing projects. The main one, of course, is the third Deadly Drinks book. It was actually the second book I wrote, but as mentioned in other drafts, the series needed “Corpses and Cognac” in between in order to build up to the events of this book. It’s a big one, taking familiar faces and flipping their worlds upside down. I’m taking a looser approach in the first draft stage of this book than I have with the others, avoiding a full outline since I know the general beats of this book by heart after so many years plotting it. We’ll see how it all turns out, but I’m already so excited for you all to read it.

The second project I’m working on is tentatively titled “For Those Who Burn.” This is going to be a big ol’ high fantasy novel, a love letter to the JRPGs I grew up on and the tabletop games I play now, but also chock full of the usual Dorian Graves amount of queer, horror, and “well, that’s WEIRD.” My plan is for this to be the book I pitch to agents while I continue publishing Deadly Drinks with NineStar, and if I ever have time to work on it, I also have a video game tie-in of FTWB in progress using RPG Maker. Starting a completely new project is always daunting at first, but the thrill of exploration as I create the world and its colorful cast of characters is always too exciting to ignore.

Otherwise…day job goes well, partner and I have taken some fun trips close to home this year, and I’ve played arguably too much Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Not much else to update on that front.

I hope to see some of you dear readers at OryCon. Until next time~


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